COVID-19 in kindergarten

COVID-19 in kindergarten

Due to the detection of an active coronavirus infection, the Hálsaskógur kindergarten in the Breiðholt district of Reykjavik has been closed today. One of the children was diagnosed with an active infection and a decision was made to close the kindergarten. There are 75 children attending the kindergarten and their parents were asked to collect them. There is also a suspicion that one employee has been infected.

Such information in an interview with DV, the head of the kindergarten Ásgerður Guðnadóttir said. It is assumed that the kindergarten will be closed for two days. In his letter to the parents, the director says that all employees and children in the same ward as the child in question will be quarantined for two weeks.

There are two other departments in the kindergarten and they will be closed until the examination of the employee who is suspected of having an active infection is obtained. The situation will be reassessed after additional tests are carried out.

According to information posted on the website, coronavirus infection in children under 18 is rare. So far, only two children aged 0 to 5 have been placed in solitary confinement due to infection during this wave of the epidemic.

Epidemiologist Þórólfur Guðnason also said research on the spread of infection in Iceland shows that children are not only less likely to be infected, but also spread the disease less frequently.

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