VMA in southeast Malmö, Skåne County.

VMA in southeast Malmö, Skåne County.

On Saturday, thousands of people gathered on the streets of Berlin to demonstrate against Germany’s coronary restrictions. But after just over an hour, the protest was stopped by police after participants refused to comply with the infection control rules.

Despite calls, the approximately 20,000 people gathered in central Berlin did not keep their distance from each other and barely wore a muzzle. Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck.

To the end it was unclear whether today’s demonstration would be allowed at all. The application was first rejected on the grounds that the risk of a spread of infection was too great. At the same time, the responsible politician in Berlin also gave water to the mill to those who believed that the ban was politically motivated, when he said that he did not want to rent Berlin as a stage for right-wing extremists and conspiracy advocates.

The organizers appealed, and during the night the news came that the demonstration had to take place.

In the crowd appeared people with right-wing extremist tattoos and nationalist symbols, meditating yoga practitioners and supporters of conspiracy theories. But also people who believe that the encroachments on the Germans’ freedoms and rights as a result of the pandemic are not related to the relatively limited spread of infection here.

In the latest opinion polls, 10 percent of Germans think the restrictions are excessive.