From Iceland – Smekkleysa presents an auction for old band products

From Iceland - Smekkleysa presents an auction for old band products

The publishing company Smekkleysa, also known as Bad Taste Records, has started an auction of old band products, including items related to The Sugercubes, the pop band that later began Björk’s career.

In an effort to follow their strategy and goal for “World Domination or Death”, which they had established when the company was founded in the seventies, the brand has led many artists and pop bands and become Iceland’s first indie release of its kind and create a punk scene. and poetry.

The company has since grown from being an experimental cultural organization to a fully-fledged record company. It has developed and worked with some of Iceland’s most interesting artists, such as Sykurmolunum, Björk, Sigur Rós, Múm, Mínus or Ghostigital, to name a few.

The trademark says on theirs website that they have now decided to offer some of the “tools and objects, instead of storing them in boxes somewhere, to finance our operations.”

The auction began on August 29 and is ongoing as more boxes are being unpacked that show curiosity that needs a new home. The income from the auction goes to the financing of Smekkleysa SM.

According to the website, the intention is to update the auction on September 10 with new items.

Such items can vary from tops to bottle socks, fridge magnets, buttons and vinyl among others. (No, we’re not kidding about socks.)

Source: The Nordic Page




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