Copenhagen has one of Europe’s most passenger – friendly airports

Copenhagen has one of Europe's most passenger - friendly airports

Copenhagen Airport is not enjoying the best times at the moment due to the continued turbulence in the Coronavirus crisis.

But here’s a little to rejoice in following a summer program filled with travel restrictions, grounded flights and employee layoffs.

According to the 2020 European Consumer Airport Index, Copenhagen Airport is one of Europe’s most passenger – friendly airports.

Copenhagen ranked third after leaders Zurich and Düsseldorf, while Manchester and Brussels finished in the top five.

If you are going to travel this summer, you can consider starting or ending your journey at well-designed airports such as Zurich, Düsseldorf or Copenhagen, ” said Fred Roeder, head of the Consumer Choice Center (CCC), the organization behind the placement.

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COVID-19 influence

Airports with more space per. Passengers rank higher in the CCC analysis according to Roeder.

He also stressed that the index showed travelers the hubs that allowed social distance and that were ideal for connections.

High scores were awarded to the airports that offered fantastic destinations around the world, but also a healthy mix of shops, restaurants and amenities at the airport. This year, we also added extra points to COVID-19 test facilities at airports, ”said Roeder.

“Other factors that were determined in the ranking included direct jet bridges, rather than busboarding, proximity to the city center, the number of lounges, waiting time with low security and performance on time by airlines.”

See the full index here.

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