The police want to intercept people who are not suspects

The police want to intercept people who are not suspects

Gang crime is one of the Police’s biggest challenges. In order to fight the gangs more effectively, the Police want greater opportunities to intercept people.

– We need a change in legislation that gives us greater opportunities to listen to encrypted telephones, says Mats Löfving, Deputy National Police Chief.

Even by people who are not suspects?

– For intelligence purposes, exactly! People who are not yet part of any criminal investigation. Without people who can be clearly linked to gang crime.

Swedish police get today intercept persons suspected of a crime who
can give at least two years in prison. Decisions must be made by prosecutors. But the police also want the opportunity to listen to people without specific suspicion, among other things to better understand how the criminals reason.

Gang crime is a difficult problem for the police to overcome. The gangs often use encrypted phones that are not in any registers.

But this summer succeeded the European police agency, Europol, crack the code for Encrochat, the encrypted phone used by many criminals even in Sweden. Europol’s work has also made it easier for Swedish police, says Löfving.

– We now hope that all this telephone traffic leads to us clearing up more crimes than we would have done otherwise. All in all, these are very important experiences. We would like to have greater opportunities for this type of entrance in encrypted telephones, not least for intelligence purposes, for the Police in Sweden, says Deputy Chief of Police, Mats Löfving.






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