The autumn weather is hitting Denmark seriously this week

The autumn weather is hitting Denmark seriously this week

According to DMI, the national weather forecast, Denmark can look forward to some proper autumn weather this week.

DMI’s forecasts include lots of wind and some rain and maybe even short sunshine responses.

“We have an average autumn weather in the coming week, so it’s about remembering rubber boots and rainwear. But you may also need some sunglasses, ” Mette Zhang, a DMI meteorologist, told BT tabloid.

“It will be more erratic, windy and wet autumn weather. That’s the overall picture nationwide the rest of the week. ”

Temperatures are set to remain in the region 15-18 degrees during the day and around 11-14 degrees at night.

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Slide summer

DMI predicts that there may be a few days of nice autumn weather starting from Sunday or early next week.

The news comes after a rather strange summer that gave normal amounts of rain and sunshine, but in a quite roller coaster way.

Both June and August ended in the top 10 of the hottest summer months ever – August was the fifth sunniest of its kind since 1920.

Meanwhile, July had the dubious honor of being the coldest in 22 years.

Source: The Nordic Page




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