The official opening of the Diamond Circle

The official opening of the Diamond Circle

Yesterday, in the north of the country, the Diamond Circle tourist trail was officially opened. The ceremony was attended by three ministers who solemnly cut the ribbon across the new Dettifossvegur road between Dettifoss Falls and Ásbyrgi.

It is a 250 km long tourist route that connects Húsavík, Goðafoss, Mývatnssveit, Dettifoss and Ásbyrgi, as well as many other interesting places.

This route is of course nothing new, but a few months ago it was decided to name this route for the promotion of the North of Iceland, incl. among foreign tourists.

The official opening of the Diamond Circle
Diamentowy Krąg / / Google Earth

One of the conditions for creating the Diamond Circle route is the construction of the new Dettifossvegur road, and its completion is scheduled for the near future. Therefore, it will be possible to drive the entire route on paved roads. Local residents have long demanded that a good, paved road be built between Dettifoss and Ásbyrgi.

“The Diamond Circle allows us to visit many attractions in one day that are true natural gems of Iceland and will even better open the north-eastern part of the island to domestic and foreign visitors. It was great to visit Dettifoss, we know that improving the quality of the roads means more people will visit this and other great places in this part of the country “ said Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir. The prime minister was one of those people who officially opened the tour.

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  • Diamond Circle officially opens in September Marta M. Niebieszczanska

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