Many flights to Keflavik were canceled

Many flights to Keflavik were canceled

Many airlines have revoked their landing permits at Keflavik airport, reports Sigþór Kristinn Skúlason, CEO of Airport Associates. Sigþór Kristinn told reporters that airport cancellations reach Airport Associates daily.

Only two airlines that are customers of Airport Associates still fly to Iceland on a fairly regular basis. We are talking about Hungarian airlines Wizz Air and British EasyJet airlines.

Other airlines that Airport Associates provides services to – including British Airways and Norwegian – have temporarily stopped offering scheduled flights to Keflavík.

Transavia, Vueling and Air Baltic have drastically reduced their flights to Keflavik, but still have several flights on offer.

Although most of the landing clearances for passenger flights have been revoked, cargo flights to and from Keflavík continue as normal. These types of flights were not affected by any tightening of regulations to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, states Sigþór.

Source: Yle




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