From Iceland – More incorrect test results at the cancer society

From Iceland - More incorrect test results at the cancer society

The Cancer Society has now reviewed about 2,200 of the 6,000 samples that were recalled in light of the cervical cancer misdiagnosis scandal, MBL reports.

Of these, 52 samples have so far shown misdiagnosed cell changes and all 52 women have been recalled for further research. The Cancer Society has stated that none of these cases are serious and no cancer has been diagnosed, but they all need extra sampling to be sure.

A lot of pressure has been put on the search center where the samples were taken, as many women wanted to book an appointment and waiting lists were 2 weeks after cervical screening and 4 weeks before breastfeeding.

The Cancer Society’s information officer, Sigríður Sólan Guðlaugsdóttir, explains that a recent news report from the society has reminded women to book an appointment and take the time to give it a try. “Maybe that’s a positive point in all of this,” she says, urging women waiting for exams to be patient.

Source: The Nordic Page




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