SSI chief calls for more restrictions in nightlife

SSI chief calls for more restrictions in nightlife

The rising infection rates in Denmark are worrying. And therefore, new restrictions must be responded to quickly.

This is what Tyra Grove Krause, head of department at the Statens Serum Institut, tells DR Nyheder and TV2.

She points out that with new restrictions, there should be a particular focus on nightlife.

– The nightlife is a real threat and requires special attention because there are many people from many different networks who crowd close together. In the supermarkets, after all, you keep a certain distance because they are strangers.

– But in the nightlife you go out in groups and meet new ones. And there is alcohol at stake. So there will be a loss of control, which means that you get along in a different way, says Tyra Grove Krause to DR News.

The combination of an increase in infection and the increasing geographical spread in society contributes to her being concerned about the current situation, writes TV2.

Both Saturday and Sunday, more than 300 new cases of infection were registered in Denmark. And recently, there has generally been an increase in the number of new cases.

Tyra Grove Krause emphasizes to TV2 that although far more are being tested now than in the spring, and it is therefore difficult to compare infection rates, there is undoubtedly a worrying increase in infection.

There are also other buttons to press than the nightlife to reduce the spread of infection, points out the head of department at the Statens Serum Institut.

The most important thing is distance and good hand hygiene, where everyone should tighten up, she believes. But stricter rules for assemblies, masks and calls for more homework are also tools that can be used to change the negative development.

Tyra Grove Krause also urges citizens to turn down social gatherings.

– One thing you can do as a citizen is to limit the number you are seen with on a daily basis.

– I think we must be prepared for us to turn down our social contacts in the autumn, so we see fewer people and we see them in smaller groups, she says to DR News.

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