The double killer is being questioned in court

The double killer is being questioned in court

The trial against the man who admitted that he killed a woman and a boy in Linköping 16 years ago continues. The accused 37-year-old is being questioned today.

According to a forensic psychiatric examination, the man suffered from a serious mental disorder when the crime was committed in 2004, and he still does today.

Ekot’s reporter, Lisen Elowson Tosting is present:

– He admits that he killed the boy and the woman. His recurring explanation, which he also gave during previous interrogations, is that he woke up in the morning and felt compelled to kill two people, anyone to get peace of mind.

Both the prosecutor and the plaintiff’s counsel asked the 37-year-old if there had been any hatred against people with other backgrounds as motives.

– To this question he answers no and returns to these thoughts he mentioned earlier.






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