Aalborg Portland emits more CO2 than foreign rivals

Aalborg Portland emits more CO2 than foreign rivals

Last week, the government entered into an agreement with Aalborg Portland to reduce emissions from the cement company. But now it turns out that the North Jutland company emits more CO2 than an average cement company abroad.

It writes the news media Nordtinget, which focuses on politics in North Jutland.

Climate Minister Dan Jørgensen (S) called the agreement “fantastically positive”, even though the ambition was set last year, and the agreement does not contain sanctions if the company does not live up to the goal.

Critics have highlighted that the company must reduce its CO2 emissions by 30 percent by 2030 compared to 2020.

In comparison, the Folketing has set an ambition to reduce greenhouse gases by 70 percent compared to 1990.

That the North Jutland factory surpasses foreign competitors in CO2 emissions is stated in a reply to the Folketing from the Minister of Climate.

The factory emits 100-200 kilos more CO2 per tonne of cement produced than the average from abroad.

Aalborg Portland emitted approximately 734 kilos of CO2 per tonne of gray cement produced in 2018. In the world, emissions were on average 540 kilos per tonne of cement according to the International Energy Agency IEA.

Aalborg Portland emphasizes, however, that the company produces a cleaner and stronger cement than others, according to the media Nordtinget.

The Energy Agency does not distinguish between white and gray cement, where the latter is less CO2 demanding.

For white cement alone, however, Aalborg Portland is also almost 200 kilos higher than the international average. This is stated in the industry’s own organization Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA).

The Minister emphasizes that Denmark’s largest single emitter of CO2 uses another raw material. So you can not compare the Danish and the international figures.

In addition, he believes that the development of cement requires a lot of energy.

– Aalborg Portland has great ambitions in relation to reducing their climate footprint and has in connection with the government’s climate partnerships contributed a number of recommendations to support greenhouse gas reductions for the energy-intensive industry, writes Dan Jørgensen.

Aalborg Portland surpasses CO2 emissions abroad

Answer to the Folketing

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