Much less air traffic around Iceland

Much less air traffic around Iceland

Air traffic in the Reykjavík-controlled area accounts for less than a third of last September’s traffic. This applies to both passenger and cargo flights.

Meanwhile, air traffic in the Schengen area accounts for only 50% of traffic before the COVID-19 pandemic, he says Ásgeir Pálsson, Managing Director of Isavia, a management company in the area controlled by Reykjavík.
For example, on September 17, 197 flights took place in this area, compared to around 540 on the same day last year.

Much less air traffic around Iceland

According to Isavia’s website, the area controlled by Reykjavík covers as much as 5.4 million square kilometers, making it one of the largest in the world. It stretches from the Greenwich meridian in the east to western Greenland, and from the North Pole to a point south of the Faroe Islands, which is almost Scotland.

Looking at flights to and from Iceland, there were 47 flights on September 17, up from 197 on the same day last year. Currently, air traffic to Iceland is therefore less than a quarter of last year. These figures include both passenger and cargo flights.

Currently, eight airlines offer flights to Iceland. They are: Icelandair, EasyJet, Wizz Air, SAS, Air Baltic, Lufthansa, Air Greenland and Vueling.

Monika Szewczuk

Source: Yle

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