Former Commander-in-Chief H.-C. Mathiesen is now officially fired

Former Commander-in-Chief H.-C.  Mathiesen is now officially fired

After being sentenced in August to three months in prison for abusing his position to advance his girlfriend’s career, former army chief H.-C. Mathiesen has now been fired.

This is stated by the Ministry of Defense to Ekstra Bladet.

– H.-C. Mathiesen has been dismissed without notice and thus no longer receives a salary, the ministry informs in an email to the newspaper.

The firing was effected on 21 September via a message in e-Boks. The former army chief’s salary ended the next day.

With the firing, a long and undesirable chapter in the history of the Armed Forces has ended.

A recent parliamentary response from Minister of Defense Trine Bramsen (S) stated that the army chief was on fire. It is therefore an expected development that he is now fired.

H.-C. Mathiesen was suspended from his position in October 2018 and was sent home from there until the High Court on 24 August this year finally took a position in his case.

The district court chose to lift the sentence from the city court case, where H.-C. Mathiesen in May 2019 was sentenced to two months unconditional imprisonment.

He was convicted of attempted abuse of office by influencing the criteria for entering a particularly coveted management education, which his girlfriend was then admitted to.

He was also found guilty of attempted abuse of office by trying to get a colonel to hire his girlfriend in a position as a major. The colonel, however, rejected it.

According to a parliamentary answer from Minister of Defense Trine Bramsen, H.-C. Mathiesen has been sent home with two-thirds of his salary since he was charged with abuse of office by the Ministry of Defense’s Audit Corps.

An access to documents that Ritzau has received from the Ministry of Defence’s Accounting Agency shows that H.-C. During his repatriation from October 2018 to September 2020, Mathiesen has received a total of DKK 2,180,899 in salary and pension.

This corresponds to a monthly salary of just over 90,000 kroner during the two-year repatriation.

Link to the article on Ekstra Bladet’s website

Source: The Nordic Page





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