From Iceland – Credit card transactions used to track COVID-19

From Iceland - Credit card transactions used to track COVID-19

As reported Indicator this morning, credit card transactions have been used, more than once, to find people who may have been exposed to COVID-19.

One example of this method used is in The Irishman Pub, which was recently linked to a sharp increase in COVID-19 cases. The chief of police, Víðir Reynisson, told Vísi: “We have received the help of these operators to reach out and provide information to the guests who have been there. They have helped us reach customers so we can text and send people information and encourage them to go for sampling. He added: “This is a path we have only taken in very exceptional cases. It is only when the situation is such that there were many infections and it was necessary to reach everyone as soon as possible. “

The method of using credit card information has been used three times, in consultation with credit card companies and on-site operators. The Epidemiological Control Group has received the names and telephone numbers of customers, but no data has been stored.

Víðir says that it is about how reluctant people are to provide information when infections are traced and that this difficulty in obtaining important information is probably one of the main reasons why so few people are diagnosed with quarantine. Less than a quarter of those diagnosed with COVID-19 yesterday were already quarantined.

Source: The Nordic Page




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