From Iceland – The cat Gunnlaugur goes on a magnificent adventure!

From Iceland - The cat Gunnlaugur goes on a magnificent adventure!

A pet cat has returned home safe and sound after being lost four months ago, Indicator reports.

Gunnlaugur, who lives near Hofós, was found yesterday, in Varmahlíð, Skagafjörður – about 50 kilometers from his home.

Freyja’s girlfriend Amble Gísladóttir has owned Gunnlaug for eight years. In an interview, Freyja said that the cat got lost in June, but it is only natural that he disappears a few days at a time, because he loves to hunt. “But then he did not come back. We went looking for him but found him nowhere. After two months of searching, we gave up on finding him and went and got kittens. “

And then Gunnlaugur appeared in the blue in Skagafjörður. “I woke up and my boyfriend had seen a post on Facebook about the missing cat. Our vet had shared it. “

And Gunnlaugur certainly had the whole adventure, as Freyja said she suspected that he had accidentally gone in a car. “It is about 50 kilometers from us to Varmahlíð where he was found and it is full of lakes and rivers to cross.”

But Gunnlaugur was not injured by the escape. In fact, it seems to have made the world a better place for him. “He was a little too fat when he left us, but now he is in good condition.” Freyja laughs. “He is very happy to be back and we would never have found him if people had not advertised him online. That is unbelievable!”

Source: The Nordic Page




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