The Grímsvötn volcano is showing increasing activity

The Grímsvötn volcano is showing increasing activity

“We have to wait and monitor the situation in the vicinity of the Grímsvötn volcano. This is undoubtedly the last thing we need in 2020 “ we read in the summary of the article in a popular news website about international aviation Simple Flying.

The article details the possible effects of the volcano Grímsvötn eruption, which lies beneath the Vatnajökull glacier. This topic was raised after the international flight alert was changed to yellow, issuing an alert for the most active volcano in Iceland.

Already this summer, journalists have repeatedly raised the subject of seismic activity in the vicinity of the volcano, and increased geothermal activity was also recorded. Geophysicist Magnús Tumi Guðmundsson said the water level in the Grímsvötn caldera has risen and that if it comes out, it could erupt in the coming months.

In the Simply Flying article that addresses, among others, to Yahoo News and eTurbonews, it says that aviation is currently in a very difficult situation due to the pandemic. However, despite the fact that the number of passengers is much smaller, the planes still fly with goods.

“Many airlines – and the international economy – have already been hard hit by this year’s events. The eruption of this volcano could lead to serious disruptions in transatlantic flights and would have a negative impact on the transatlantic economy – even if it only lasted a week “ provides an information service which claims to be the world’s largest source of information about aviation.

The 2010 eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano was also reminded of international flights. The recent eruption of the Grímsvötn volcano also closed Icelandic airspace, resulting in 900 flights canceled.

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