Police extend residence ban in Kødbyen and Nørrebroparken

Police extend residence ban in Kødbyen and Nørrebroparken

Copenhagen Police have chosen to extend the temporary residence bans in Kødbyen and Nørrebroparken. The bans are part of the restrictions on coronary heart disease.

The ban in Kødbyen applies every day in the period from 22-02. The purpose is to prevent guests at the area’s restaurants from crowding outdoors when the bars close at 10pm.

In Nørrebroparken, the residence ban only applies on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays in the period from 18-02.

The residence bans mean that you are not allowed to stay in the area for the given periods. However, it is allowed to go on walks and runs. Dog aeration is also in order, according to the letter from the law enforcement.

The residence bans in the areas have been in force since the beginning of September.

A violation of a residence ban is punishable in principle with a fine of 2500 kroner.

Police announcement of extension of temporary bans:

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