Woman was injured during fire in townhouse

Woman was injured during fire in townhouse

A woman in her 50s was injured during a fire in Kollund on Friday afternoon, the police inform.

The woman has been transferred for treatment at Odense University Hospital. Immediately, there are no reports that her fire injuries are life-threatening, the South and Southern Jutland Police inform Ritzau.

The fire occurred in a terraced house on Kobbermøllevej. Firefighters and police received the alarm shortly before 2:30 p.m.

The female resident came out herself.

Late afternoon Friday, police have no information on the possible cause of the fire.

During the extinguishing work, some spectators came a little too close, warden Ivan Gohr Jensen informs the regional media Jydske Vestkysten.

– It meant that we just had to screw the bit on, says the guard chief.

The smoke was heavy at one point, and police had to ask people to remove themselves from the smoke flag.

Spectators for the fire in Kollund must follow the police’s instructions and especially seek away from the smoke flag. #politidk

– South Jutland Police (@SjylPoliti) October 16, 2020

Source: The Nordic Page




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