Ivanka Trump is Donald Trump’s favorite daughter and one of his closest confidants, although her own views have sometimes been both vague – and seemed to clash with the president’s.

P3 ID about Ivanka Trump is about a young woman who followed in her father’s footsteps, about power that corrupts and what could be the start of a new political dynasty in American politics.

Host & editor: Vendela Lundberg
Episode Writer & Reporter: Axel Winqvist
Producer: Mathilda Von Essen
Executive Producer: Ulla Svensson
Technician: Fredrik Nilsson
The program is a production from the production company OLGA

The sound clips in the documentary are taken from: The Late Show with David Letterman, CBC, ABC NEWS, CNBC, the documentary “Born Rich”, Inside Edition, The Apprentice, The View, Fox News, CNN, 60 Minutes, NBC, SNL, The Young Turks and the BBC.

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