Great leadership for Biden in opinion polls

With a little more than two weeks left until the election, Joe Biden has a double-digit lead in the national opinion polls. Concerns about a scorching election loss are now growing among leading Republicans.

In a telephone conference with voters, the Nebraska senator, Republican Ben Sasse, warned of an impending democratic tsunami in the election. Then he aimed a proper boot at his party colleague and the president.

– In the future, the debate will be about why we thought it was a good idea to try to get voters to vote for a TV-obsessed narcissist, he said in the recording from the conference call published by the Washington Examiner.

The weighted opinion polls shows a great lead for Joe Biden. In the “Five thirty eights” average, Biden leads by 10.7 percentage points.
Trump is also in a bad position in several of the wave master states he won four years ago. The “Real Clear Politics” weighting shows that Biden has an advantage of over 5.6 percentage points in Pennsylvania and over seven percentage points in Michigan.
The Economist’s model right now predicts that Biden has a 91 percent chance of winning the election.

Even in Congress, it looks bad for Republicans. The House of Representatives would most likely continue under democratic control if there were an election today, and the Senate may well get a new Democratic majority because several Republican senators are out.

Ted Cruz, the Republican senator from Texas, said a few days ago that the election could go any way.

“We can win,” he told CNBC, “but it could also be a Republican carnage of Watergate proportions.”

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