Right now: Demonstrations in Thailand are growing avalanche-like

The protest movement that has recently taken shape in Thailand is growing avalanche-like. Across the country, people are now taking to the streets to demonstrate against the country’s government.

Even yesterday, thousands of protesters took to the streets of the capital Bangkok, despite a state of emergency declared by the government.

The emergency, which was announced on Wednesday after protesters approached a car procession with Queen Suthida, includes a ban on politically motivated crowds of more than five people.

Since the emergency was announced, more than 40 protesters have been arrested, but despite this, the protests continue unabated.

“Prepare both physically and mentally for demonstrations and for police raids if necessary,” urged the student movement Free Youth, which is one of the actors organizing demonstrations on Saturday.

The demonstrations were organized in at least three different places in the city to avoid the roadblocks set up by the police. In one of these places, in the western part of the city along the river Chao Phraya, thousands of demonstrators gathered and raised their hands together in the three-finger greeting characteristic of the democracy movement, a greeting inspired by the film series “Hunger games”.

“Long live the people. Down with the dictatorship “, the crowd was heard chanting.

Listen to Ekot’s live broadcast in the player above.

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