Sabuni is open to allow the parties to continue negotiations

After the social partners have failed a second time to reach an agreement on las, the message from the Liberals has been that it is now crystal clear that the so-called Toijer inquiry will be carried out.

At the same time, Nyamko Sabuni says today at the Liberal Party Council that if the parties want to try to agree again, she is open to it.

– The parties are free to agree whenever they want. I mean, we are going to start a preparation work, I think that process is important, that it is going on all the time. Whenever the parties come back with a proposal, you look at it and deal with it, but it is not the case that you have to wait until after the term of office before you agree. I do not accept that, says Sabuni.

When is your deadline to let the parties make a new attempt and still make an agreement?

– The Law Council’s referral is expected to be submitted sometime in the spring so that the law can become a reality in 2021. By 1 January 2022, we will have a new employment law in place. That’s the time they have.

That was last Friday as the las negotiations broke down because LO does not want to accept the last offer that PTK and the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise said yes to. The line of the Liberals has been clear; if the parties do not agree, the investigation that was completed in June and is now being referred for consultation will become law.

Nyamko Sabuni has stated that she is prepared to listen to technical views that may come from the consultative bodies. At the same time, the left-wing leader Jonas Sjöstedt is threatening to overthrow the government if the investigation is carried out.

Yesterday one went off The Liberals’ heavier representative, the Health and Medical Care Regional Council in Stockholm Anna Starbrink, went out and warned against sticking too tightly to the inquiry proposal.

According to her, the benefit of sticking to the investigation proposal in every detail is not in proportion to the damage to, among other things, the labor market that a government crisis and a possible by-election would entail. This is how Nyamko Sabuni comments on it.

– There is a large majority in our party for the January agreement to be kept and implemented. If it is the case that it cannot be implemented in its entirety, there is also a majority because the cooperation then no longer exists, says Nyamko Sabuni.

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