Support parties want the environment and climate included in the Constitution

The right to, among other things, nature and fresh air must be written into the Constitution.

This is the opinion of SF, which will submit a proposal in the Folketing to have rights regarding climate and environment written into the Constitution.

It tells Jacob Mark, who is group chairman of SF.

The proposal comes after a number of lawyers have argued with Berlingske to make the Constitution cover the environment and climate.

The lawyers sit on the union’s Djøf’s law panel, which consists of 51 members. Here are professors from universities, judges, lawyers and legal experts from interest groups.

In a survey, 25 out of the 44 experts disagree or predominantly disagree that the Constitution is up-to-date when it comes to the protection of climate, environment and nature.

– In SF, we also believe that you must constitutionally secure the right to nature, to fresh air and to the climate that you can actually be in.

– These are very basic rights, which are the prerequisite for living a good life, says Jacob Mark.

At the moment, there is nothing specific in the Constitution on climate or environment.

Instead, it describes, among other things, the fundamental freedoms one has as a citizen.

This applies, for example, to freedom of religion, assembly and expression.

SF’s group chairman believes that if climate and environment are included in the Constitution, it will help to ensure a greater political focus on the issues.

– It will have an effect when all politicians who are elected to the Folketing sign that this is something you have to work for, and that it is not just something you can do if you want to, says Mark.

The Unity List, which is another of the government’s support parties, also supports the message from the lawyers.

According to climate, environment and nature rapporteur Mai Villadsen (EL), consideration for climate and nature must be written into the Constitution. She says this in a post on Twitter.

Norway, Sweden and Finland have already added climate and environmental provisions to their constitutions.

Of course, consideration for climate and nature must be written into the constitution. Climate change is perhaps the greatest threat to the human future. Let’s do as in Norway, Finland and Sweden – and ensure green rights #dkpol #dkgreen

– Mai Villadsen (@MaiVilladsen) October 18, 2020

More lawyers want the constitution to contain about rights to nature and fresh air as well as to a climate that is to live in and live with. These are basic rights, which are also prerequisites for being able to live a good life. SF will present the proposal in the Folketing #dkpol

– Jacob Mark (@jacobmark_sf) October 17, 2020

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