Swine flu damaged confidence in corona vaccine

Many Swedes are hesitant to get vaccinated against covid-19 in the future, and one reason is considered to be the mass vaccination against swine flu.

Both the Swedish Public Health Agency and the government’s vaccine coordinator Richard Bergström fear that the memory of the narcolepsy case after the swine flu vaccine risks damaging confidence in new vaccines against covid-19.

– It remains in the memory and I fully understand that, he says to Godmorgon, the world in P1.

Just over 50 percent answers “yes” to the question of whether you want to get vaccinated against covid-19, in MSB’s latest survey. But for the best effect, more people than that need to be vaccinated, according to Bernice Aronsson, who is an investigator at the Swedish Public Health Agency’s vaccine unit.

– It needs to be a little higher, I think. 50, 60 and preferably 70 percent, she says.

The public health authority’s most important message is that it is okay to feel anxious, but that one should not already say no to future vaccines. More knowledge and information is on the way.

– Keep listening, take in information, discuss with each other, have this as a living question and you will move in some direction. Because I think it is very hard work to make a decision that is only based on being worried, says Bernice Aronsson.

Also listen to the report in Godmorgon, the world in P1 where, among others, Gustav Broström, who suffers from narcolepsy, tells what he thinks about possibly getting vaccinated against covid-19.

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