Younger man shot by police on Amager

A young man has been injured by shots fired by the police in Dragør on Sunday night, the Independent Police Complaints Authority (DUP) informs.

Copenhagen Police reported the episode to the Police Complaints Authority at 02.23.

The man has been admitted to hospital and the relatives have been notified, the DUP informs.

In the Copenhagen Police, a duty officer refuses to comment, as the case is now being investigated by the DUP.

It is established practice that the independent authority moves out and conducts investigations when a citizen has been seriously injured or died in the meeting with the police.

In Dragør, shots were fired in connection with “a police business”, reads a brief press release.

The authority does not want to say whether the injured person’s condition is serious, whether several shots were fired or whether the young man had attacked the police before. You also do not want to release other details.

It is simply stated “that a younger man in connection with a police business in Dragør was hit by shots from the police”.

– In this case, we have assessed that this is the information we can come out with at the moment, says special consultant Christian Otto to Ritzau on Sunday morning.

Incidentally, he states that witnesses are not currently being sought.

Notice from the Independent Police Complaints Authority

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