A tragic fire in Borgarfjörður

A tragic fire in Borgarfjörður

A woman was killed in a fire in an apartment building on one of the farms in Borgarfjörður. When the fire brigade and police arrived at the scene, the apartment building was on fire.

The entire available Borgarfjörður Fire Department was summoned to the fire that broke out just before 6 PM at Hálsasveit.

The conditions for extinguishing the fire were difficult and the fire brigade managed to control the fire about three hours after arriving at the scene. The house is completely burnt, according to a police report in West Iceland.

The fire-fighting action ended at 11 pm. The services from Borgarfjörður were called in to put out the fire, and additionally help from the fire brigades from Akranes and Hvalfjörður.

When the fire started, there was one person in the house who died as a result. The cause of the fire is unknown and the investigation is at an early stage. West Iceland police are investigating the case together with the technical department of the Reykjavik Police.

mmn / visir.is

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