Class 1 warns of snowstorms

Class 1 warns of snowstorms

SMHI extends its Class-1 warnings to several counties where it is expected to fall between 5-15 centimeters of snow.

Jämtland County, Västernorrland, Gothenburg County, Dalarna County except the Dala Mountains, Värmland and Västmanland and Örebro. These are at risk of severe snowstorms.

In Värmland is expected between five and ten centimeters of snow already the night before Tuesday and in Dalarna from Tuesday morning until Wednesday. In Örebro and Västmanland, there can be between two and five centimeters of snow.

– However, this snowfall will gradually turn to rain on Tuesday afternoon and evening. Most will rain away until Wednesday. But before that, it can give some amounts and it can be problematic on the roads. It is not entirely impossible that there will be some sub-cooled rain between the transitions from snow to rain. But there will be higher temperatures again and it is not a big danger, says Henrik Reimer at SMHI.