33 national coronavirus infections

33 national coronavirus infections

Yesterday, 33 people were diagnosed with an active coronavirus in the country. Twenty people were in quarantine at the time the test results were received.

Updated data on covid.is show that there are currently 21 people in the hospital due to Covid-19, 3 of which are in the intensive care unit. At the information meeting, it was announced that out of three people in the intensive care unit, two patients are connected to a ventilator. However, yesterday there were 23 people in the hospital.

Yesterday, 17 infections were diagnosed at the border, four of which were active, the rest are currently awaiting the results of tests for antibodies.

There are now 1,159 people in isolation, compared to 1,206 yesterday. There are currently 2,542 people in quarantine, compared to 2,531 yesterday.

Of the 33 diagnosed yesterday, 28 have tested positive after taking so-called symptomatic samples at the Landspítali Hospital or the Institute of Genetics. In contrast, five people were retested while in quarantine.

The rate of domestic infections, ie the number of infections per 100,000 inhabitants in the past two weeks, is now 248.7, yesterday it was 266.2. The incidence of borderline infections is now 22.9, yesterday it was 21.8.

Since the outbreak began, COVID-19 has been confirmed in 4,268 people, and eleven of those affected have died.

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