Sports Round-Up: Denmark’s road to Qatar looks smoother thanks to top sowing

Sports Round-Up: Denmark's road to Qatar looks smoother thanks to top sowing

FIFA has confirmed that the draw for the European qualifying rounds of football’s biggest tournament will be revealed on December 7, when 55 nations are pulled out of the hat.

This time, the World Cup qualifiers will take a more compressed schedule, with all games played between March and November 2021.

Very likely to be a top seed

Denmark will be a hope for success. The Reds and Whites, who are currently number eight on the continent, will be eager to secure their place as the top ten teams will be a top seed in the draw, choosing five groups of five and five groups of six .

Only November internationals against Sweden, Iceland and Belgium can now affect their position in the standings. According to analysts, Denmark is probably 98.5 percent likely to be a top seed.

Wolves for slaughter
FC Midtjylland’s 4-0 defeat against Atalanta on Wednesday night marked the worst Champions League debut ever by a Danish team. The Wolves were driven by three first-half goals from Duván Zapata, Alejandro Gómez and Luis Muriel before a final goal from Aleksey Miranchuk in the final minutes drove the result home. FCM captain Erik Sviatchenko is hopeful that the team will find some form in the remaining group games: “We have to look positive, otherwise we can just get down and not look at the next matches. We must look forward to this campaign. ”

Unsurpassed race continues for Denmark’s women
A 4-0 victory against Israel on Wednesday meant that Lars Søndergaard’s team maintained its maximum number of points in the European Championship qualifiers. With eight games played and won, the team has an impressive +45 goal difference until they have not conceded a single goal. Pernille Harder landed a brace with a header from Sofie Junge and an own goal from Irena Kuznezov who completed the scoring.

The end of the road to Magnussen
After six years in Formula 1, it seems that Kevin Magnussen’s time at the top level is over or at least with his current team. TV2 Sport reports that his time with Haas is coming to an end, and Magnussen is expected to leave at the end of the season. It is then predicted that he will struggle to find a new F1 trip as he does not have the financial backing that many teams require. But his options are not completely exhausted, with a future in IndyCar or even Nascar that may be waving …

No new spectators on the horizon
On Wednesday, the Minister of Culture, Joy Mogensen, asked questions in parliament about Danish sport. Among her answers was the claim that it is not medically viable to let more than 500 spectators enter Denmark’s football stadiums. The Divisional Association has emphasized that 46 matches have been held under the current scheme, without any spread of infection being found in connection with them. However, health authorities are still cautious.

Rune runs wild
Just 17 years old, Holger Rune has already started to create great excitement in the tennis world, and now the Dane has received a wildcard for the ATP Challenger tournament in Marbella, which starts tomorrow. The tournament’s main sponsor, AnyTech365, is led by a Danish leader, and he had no doubt that Rune deserved a place. The ATP organization, for their part, was fully behind seeing the winner of the French Open open in action.

Mayor leaves several gaps to fill
Following his resignation as Copenhagen’s mayor on Monday as a result of a number of allegations of sexual assault, Frank Jensen will also leave his position as chairman of the company behind Denmark’s Tour de France opener in 2022. The new mayor, when he is appointed, will take on the role. The first three stages of the Tour de France are scheduled to take place in Denmark from 1 to 3 July 2022.

Dane makes attacking debut in the NFL
Hjalte Froholdt made history on Sunday as the first Dane ever to take part in an attacking game in the NFL when he was replaced by the New England Patriots in their game against the Denver Broncos. It was a great weekend all the way for the American footballer as he had announced his engagement on Saturday. Unfortunately, the Patriots continued to lose the game 18-12.

Antonsen triumphs in the Denmark Open
Players from all over the world flooded to Odense for this year’s Denmark Open, but the two finalists did not have to travel far. Both from Aarhus, Anders Antonsen and Rasmus Gemke fought for the title on Sunday night, where Antonsen eventually won victoriously and won 21-18, 19-21, 12-21. It is the biggest title of his career to date.

Are you considering a career change?
Competitive gaming has had a meteoric rise in recent years, and so has the economy behind it. Nowhere is this better exemplified than in the career of the Danish gamer Johan Sundstein, who is better known by his gamer ID ‘N0tail’. The professional Dota 2 player, who is the grandson of a former Faroese prime minister, earned close to 20 million kroner in 2019 – equivalent to over 54,000 kroner a day.

Source: The Nordic Page

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