Norwegian parliament to criminalize doping in sport

A joint justice committee is behind a proposal that will make doping in sports illegal, so that the authorities can take prize money from athletes who have been convicted of doping.

“We regard doping as an economic crime,” Conservative justice policy spokesman Peter Frølich told the newspaper Nationen.

Thus, it is likely that doping will have a place in Norwegian criminal law, a proposal put forward in the wake of the doping scandal during the Ski World Championships in Austria 2019 when several athletes were caught for doping.

“In order for the Norwegian police to be able to do as their colleagues in Austria, legislative changes are required. We are doing it now, ”Frølich explained.

One consequence of this change will probably be that the doping regulations of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) will be adapted to Norwegian law.

This means that Norwegian law will continuously update banned substances in sports using the WADA regulations, according to Nationen.

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