Different Halloween weekend in cemeteries

Different Halloween weekend in cemeteries

During the Halloween weekend, many people want to light candles in cemeteries and memorial groves. This year it takes place during a pandemic and it has required some preparation.

– I am worried. Seventy thousand people visited Skogskyrkogården last year on All Saints’ Day. It must not be repeated. I want to be as clear as possible. If it is the case that you can visit cemeteries another day, you should do so, says Dennis Wedin (M), responsible mayor at the City of Stockholm for cemetery issues.

According to the Church of Sweden Every third Swede is expected to visit a cemetery during All Saints’ Day. But at the same time, the spread of infection is increasing and new general guidelines were introduced yesterday in several regions. In Stockholm, the chapel is closed during the weekend and people are urged to light candles at home.

Stockholm’s local traffic, together with Smittskydd Stockholm, the region and the city of Stockholm, has urged people to avoid going to cemeteries tomorrow, but also put in extra buses to avoid congestion.

Dennis Wedin in the city of Stockholm, is worried that there will be congestion both on public transport and at Skogskyrkogården.

Also other cities as Uppsala and Kristianstad have prepared for the weekend.

– We have prepared by hiring staff. This means that we need guidance so that we can keep our distance, says Katarina Evenseth at Gothenburg Cemetery Administration.





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