Final bids in the contract movement are expected

Final bids in the contract movement are expected

In the collective bargaining movement, unions and employers in the industry are expected to receive a final offer from their own mediators tomorrow. A contentious issue is how the parties should handle the fact that this year’s wage increases have not taken place as the negotiations were postponed this spring due to the crona pandemic, and the old agreements were extended.

The offer tomorrow, the final request, will not include retroactive salary increases, Ekot experiences.

The unions have demanded compensation, which could, for example, mean that wage increases in the future will be slightly higher than they otherwise would have been.

Industry agreements must be the norm for wage increases in the entire labor market, and a total of close to three million employees will receive new agreements.

In addition to industry, the agreements expire this weekend for trade, restaurant employees, and for many in the public sector such as doctors, social workers and assistant nurses.





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