Sport Round-Up: Denmark qualifies for tenth euro

Sport Round-Up: Denmark qualifies for tenth euro

With a 3-1 victory over Italy on Tuesday night, Denmark’s women’s team sealed their European Championship qualification with one game left.

It was the first time in nine years that Italy lost at home, and the result goes through Denmark to their tenth European final.

It was also the first game during the qualification that Denmark had conceded a goal.

Not over yet
Nicoline Sørensen scored directly from a corner kick in the sixth minute, before Nadia Nadim sat in a hoop, where Valentina Giacinti’s goal in the sixtieth minute only proved to be a consolation for the hosts.

Denmark has now won all nine of their qualifying games with an impressive +47 goal difference.

They hope to win their group to end such an impressive campaign, but Italy still have the opportunity to overtake them in the race for the top spot.

The two teams play again in Denmark on 1 December.

Green giant
With a huge 401 kilogram deadlift, Kim Ujarak Lorentzen ran into the record books in his fourth victory in a row in Greenland’s strongest men’s competition. It saw him break his previous personal record of 370 kilos as well as the current Danish record of 400 kilos, which was set by Mikkel Leicht.

Family illness leads to goodbye to Friis
Almost two years after taking on the role, AaB coach Jacob Friis has made the decision to leave the club. It comes after his daughter was diagnosed with leukemia last year, and is part of his plan to prioritize spending time with his family. He has stressed that her condition has not worsened. Peter Feher takes over as Deputy Host Manager.

Klopp free in victory
Two defeats with six conceded goals were not how FC Midtjylland hoped to start their first foray into Europe’s best competition, but Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp gives them an opportunity to remain positive after their 2-0 defeat against the English side on Tuesday. He spoke to TV3 + and said “It will be difficult for everyone who meets them because they are really well organized and they are full of courage … it is deserved that they are in the Champions League.”

Frederikshavn coach Dane from the NHL
The Danish ice hockey player Joachim Blichfeld has traded in the USA since 2016, but he is ready to return after joining Frederikshavn White Hawks on loan with immediate effect. The San Jose Sharks player remains in Denmark by building up his match fitness until the start of the 2020-21 NHL season, when he returns to the United States. He made his debut for the Sharks last season and hopes to claim regular playing time next season.

Source: The Nordic Page

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