The party wants to offer Polish women free abortions in Denmark

The party wants to offer Polish women free abortions in Denmark

Tens of thousands of Poles took to the streets this week to protest their government’s plans to introduce a stricter abortion law.

Now Polish women have received some political support from the entire Baltic Sea, where the Unity List proposes that they should be able to have an abortion for free in Denmark.

“It is a fundamental right of women who are now being deprived of them in Poland. And we can not just sit idly by while one of our neighbors – not least an EU member – removes such a right, “Peder Hvelplund, the Unity List’s spokesman for health issues, wrote on Facebook.

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Derailed by Duda

Hvelplund said Polish women are already traveling to other countries, such as Germany and Austria, to have abortions.

Parliament’s Parliament intends to bring the proposal before the Minister of Health, Magnus Huenicke.

A constitutional court in Poland recently ruled that abortion of a fetus with deformities is unconstitutional.

When the country’s new changes begin, abortion is only allowed if the pregnancy is the result of a rape or incest, or if it poses a danger to the mother’s life or health.

During Andrzej Duda’s time as president, the Polish government has taken many steps to limit abortion in the country.

Source: The Nordic Page

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