FACTS: Denmark is the world’s largest producer of mink fur

Read more about the Danish mink farms here:

* Denmark is the world’s largest mink producer, and mink is currently bred on 1139 farms in the country.

* About 2600 people are directly employed full time on Danish mink farms.

* Annually, about 12-13 million mink skins are produced in Denmark.

* Last year, Denmark exported mink fur for DKK 4.9 billion. This corresponds to 3.8 percent of total agricultural exports.

* Copenhagen Fur, owned by the Danish mink breeders, is the world’s largest fur auction.

Coronavirus has hit the Danish mink breeders hard since the first case of corona infection on a mink farm was discovered in June.

* Corona infection has been confirmed on 207 mink farms.

* The mink farms with infection are spread over 18 Jutland municipalities, and especially mink farms in North Jutland municipalities have been hard hit.

* 67 mink farms have had their herds killed.

Sources: Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, TV2, Statistics Denmark, Agriculture & Food.

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