Tense situation in the collective bargaining movement – Trade warns of strike

Tense situation in the collective bargaining movement - Trade warns of strike

The temperature in the bargaining movement has been raised as the LO trade union Handels has announced a strike. Many industries are still in line, and how Handels succeeds can be of great importance.

This morning, the Mediation Institute appoints mediators in the conflict between Handels and the employers in Swedish trade. If they do not get the parties to an agreement, a strike will break out next Friday.

The task will be to interpret the industry’s new brand and what the norm means with cost increases of 5.4 percent over the next 29 months.

The unions in the LO coordination jointly demand a low-wage investment, which simply means that everyone who earns less than SEK 26,100 per month should receive wage increases as if they had earned 26,100. This means that they receive slightly higher wage increases in percentages and in agreement areas with many low-paid, the effect is greater.

The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise and LO have different views on whether the low-wage investment should be accommodated within the 5.4 percent or be in addition. If employers get what they want, there will have to be other settlements if you push through the low-wage investment.

An industry whose agreement just as the trade also expired this weekend is the hospitality industry. For the approximately 30,000 members of the Hotel and Restaurant Union, the low-wage investment would be of great importance, and the industry is now probably waiting to see what happens to mediation in trade.

The employers in Visita have said that there is no room for wage increases due to the corona crisis.






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