From Iceland – Police in Hafnarfjörður charged with assault

From Iceland - Police in Hafnarfjörður charged with assault

Published November 6, 2020

Eyewitnesses have come forward and claim that police officers who arrested Hvaleyrarholt in Hafnarfjörður attacked the prisoner, Indicator reports.

Witnesses claim that one of the four police officers involved repeatedly hit the man they were arresting with a bat. The detainee then lost consciousness but police continued to beat him in the head. Strict rules regarding the use of a bat state that the head must not be hit directly and that no more injuries should be inflicted than are necessary to overpower the suspect during the arrest.

The station manager in Hafnarfjörður has confirmed that there was a fight between a man and his superiors when they stopped him on suspicion of drugs. The man told officers he had a COVID-19 and the police had to call out a specially equipped car to transport the suspect to the station. It was while they were waiting for the car to arrive that the fight started.

Witnesses all agree that the man bled from his head and was unconscious for a long time and lay in blood.

The police monitoring committee confirms that it has received complaints about the arrest and is currently examining the case. No further comments have been made.

Source: The Nordic Page




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