From the cold: Comedy is coming to Tivoli this Christmas

From the cold: Comedy is coming to Tivoli this Christmas

The global pandemic and subsequent lockdown have been a separate crisis for cultural events around the world.

But for some, it means there’s more reason than ever to bring a little laughter into people’s lives.

This urge has pushed the award-winning comedy theater, Improv Comedy Copenhagen (ICC), to host a Christmas comedy extravaganza this year in Tivoli Garden’s own iconic Glass Hall.

Just one night on December 3, Tivoli hosts some of the best comedians who used to tour across Europe before the pandemic.

Must laugh and carry it
“It has been an uneven trip for everyone in the cultural sector,” says Stefan Pagels Andersen, an actor and co-founder of the ICC.

With venues forced to close and a public unsure of the safety of attending events, there has not been much to laugh about.

But the ICC has found new strength in its community.

“In the beginning, we committed to continue to work hard to promote our wonderful international community and English-speaking comedy in Copenhagen,” says Stefan.

Kasper Jacobsen, his co-founder counterpart, adds that the group is “overwhelmed by the support and backup we have felt”.

“We are so lucky to have such a strong community,” he added.

The show must go on
Tivoli itself opens its doors again for a spectacle of Christmas decorations from 13 November. The festive spirit is just around the corner, so maybe it’s time to enjoy a good laugh again.

The Christmas Comedy Show opens its doors despite all the odds with an evening of improvisation in English – the non-script and completely in the spirit of Christmas.

“We live to perform,” says Stefan, “and perform as we please”.

The Christmas comedy show runs only one night on December 3 at. 19:00.

Tickets cost DKK 280 and can be purchased at Tdoes not include access to Tivoli

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