Sweden tipped Danish police about many kilos of cocaine on a ship

Sweden tipped Danish police about many kilos of cocaine on a ship

This is what Emilie Klausen says, who is the prosecutor in the case, which began on Friday in the Court in Svendborg. Among other things, the tip prompted the police to initiate wiretapping.

– The investigation led the police to Rudkøbing and Spodsbjerg Harbor on Langeland. The investigation continued on 14 February, when the police, among other things, made observations at the Port of Spodsbjerg.

– The police became aware of this – partly a gray Mercedes and partly a boat that sailed from Spodsbjerg Harbor, the prosecutor says.

The police placed a GPS on the boat, and at the same time the police kept an eye on several places on Langeland.

In the case, four men are charged – three Latvians and one Russian – who are sitting in court with two interpreters translating into Russian.

The one Latvian man is accused of being the one who threw the cocaine out of the cargo ship.

According to the prosecution, two other defendants picked up the cocaine in a smaller boat and transported it to Tranekær on Langeland. Here they met the fourth defendant and packed a car with the cocaine.

However, the police kept an eye on the men, and one of them was arrested at Spodsbjerg Harbor, while the other two were arrested near Tranekær. The Latvian man from the ship was later arrested on board “Duncan Island”.

They all deny guilt. So far, they have not wanted to explain themselves to the police, but they have the opportunity to do so in court on Friday.

Source: The Nordic Page




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