Too early for HD to interfere in the election

Too early for HD to interfere in the election

At the same time as the counting of votes is in its final stages, several legal processes are also underway where the handling of the election and, above all, the counting of votes is questioned.

Hear Ekot’s foreign editor Anders Ask about the law in the US presidential election.

– It is above all the Trump campaign and the Republicans who are trying to get courts in the various states to take up various accusations where the Republicans believe that election laws have not been followed or that there is evidence of various types of irregularities, it is in several cases that the party wants to stop on the counting of postal votes.

– Most cases are at a fairly limited level and do not affect large numbers of votes, so in this situation it does not seem to be able to affect the outcome of the election.

– According to US media reports, a majority of the case has already been rejected by judges, including in Georgia.

Does this mean that there will be no legal impact on the outcome of the election?

– It is far too early to say, I can mention that in important Pennsylvania, the Trump side won a success when a court approved that the party’s election observers should be allowed to get closer to the vote count to check that it is going right.

– The Republicans have said that it will drive even more extensive processes in the future, and President Trump has in the last 24 hours come with new harsh criticism of what he believes is the Democrats’ attempt to deprive him of a new term through election fraud.

How do the Democrats act in this situation?

– They also pursue some lawsuits but not at all to the same extent as the Republicans and spend a lot of time monitoring that everything is going right, but from a central point of view, the Trump side criticizes many allegations of electoral fraud.

Can these lawsuits end up in the Supreme Court?

– It is not entirely unlikely, HD has before the election had to take a stand on several issues that were about how the election may be conducted and about the counting of postal votes.

– Legal experts in the US seem to agree that the Supreme Court will wait, and only act if it is about a case in a state that affects a large number of voters and can decide the whole election, and of course then have a legal legitimacy from the beginning , that is, with clear evidence of irregularities.

The fact that the Supreme Court now has a clearer conservative majority on paper among the nine judges, can it play a role in what decisions they make?

– The simple answer is that we do not know. The results made before the election in some cases gave the Republicans the right, in other cases the Democrats. And so far we are a bit away from the fact that it is HD that will have the decision in its hand.