Several arrested in new operation against serious criminals

Several arrested in new operation against serious criminals

In recent days, the police in Stockholm have carried out several operations against serious organized crime and criminal networks.

During a raid in Vårby in southern Stockholm yesterday, a large number of weapons and explosives were found.

Robert Karlsson is deputy regional manager in the Stockholm police region, and says this about the seizure.

– It contains material that can be used for criminal activities, and it is very good evidence and shows in what context Stockholm is and in what context this constellation acts.

In the fitting was including most automatic weapons and grenades. During the raid that took place yesterday in Vårby in southern Stockholm, two people were arrested, another 19 are already in custody in the investigation, among them the person who according to the police has been pointed out as the leader of the network.

The investigation concerns, among other things, stamping for murder and extremely serious drug crime.

Also last night and this morning several raids took place in Stockholm. It is also described as part of the work against criminal networks in the Stockholm area, but the police do not want to comment on which networks it is about.

– It was in several places in Stockholm and in Sweden, and I do not want to say exactly how many people were arrested, but it is a joint attack we have made recently.





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