From Iceland – The city of Reykjavík buys a sex toy store, will turn it into a kindergarten

From Iceland - The city of Reykjavík buys a sex toy store, will turn it into a kindergarten

Mayor of Reykjavík Dagur B. Eggertsson announced it Twitter yesterday that the city council has approved the purchase of two properties located next to each other: an architectural office and one of the city’s most beloved sex toy stores, Adam and Eva.

“The city council agreed at a meeting this morning to buy a new building,” Dagur wrote in a tweet. “Not so uncommon, but I do not remember that we have bought an aid shop before. The Adam and Eve building is now in our hands! In fact, we also bought an architectural studio building next door. “

The city does not intend to generate revenue from the sale of sex toys, incidentally. Rather, both buildings will be renovated and converted into a kindergarten with 120 children.

The news was welcomed with responses to the tweets and many expressed relief that the neighborhood will have a much needed source. People from other districts in Reykjavík took the opportunity and suggested other buildings that the city could buy and turn into something more useful.

Those who are worried that the need for sex toys in Reykjavík has now decreased do not have to fear, as Adam and Eve still sell products online. Which is perhaps the best thing since the physical store has been the target of the robberies, twice in one year in fact.

Source: The Nordic Page




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