The breakthrough: Seven-year-old murder of Tjörn on the way to a solution

The breakthrough: Seven-year-old murder of Tjörn on the way to a solution

– It is not an easy thing to pursue a seven-year-old case, but my firm opinion is that he should come here and that we should try it in court, says chief prosecutor Daniel Edsbagge.

In February 2013 two teenage girls sounded the alarm that a truck was on fire in Myggenäs on Tjörn. When the rescue service extinguished the fire, they discovered a body in the burned-out truck. The police theory was that someone murdered the driver, stole his cargo and then set fire to the truck in the hope of being able to hide the crime.

And that could have been the case if the police’s cold-case group in Gothenburg had not now made a breakthrough in the investigation. Through international legal aid, it has been possible to link imprints from the crime to the suspect and this summer, more than seven years since the suspected murder, he was detained in his absence.

– The police’s cold case group has done an enormous amount of investigative work and finally come to the conclusion that a person can be suspected of these crimes, says chief prosecutor Daniel Edsbagge.

The man, as today is 27 years old, is suspected of having, together with one or more other people, assaulted the truck driver, strangled him to death and then stolen his cargo consisting of copper and aluminum wire. The exchange was worth over SEK 200,000.

– I mean that he together with others hijacked the truck and murdered the driver, says prosecutor Daniel Edsbagge.

The suspect is not in Sweden. Prosecutor Daniel Edsbagge has issued a European arrest warrant, but the question is whether the country where he is agrees to extradite him already now. He is already in prison for another crime.

– Since he is already serving a sentence, we end up in an exceptional situation. Then it is up to that country whether they want to extradite the person while he is serving his sentence or not. It is very unusual and it is the first time I have encountered it, says prosecutor Daniel Edsbagge.

The man has not could still be heard, and it is therefore unclear how he reacts to the accusations.






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