43 corona cases are traced to asylum reception centers in Nord-Fron

Since Wednesday, 43 people associated with Vinstra asylum reception in Nord-Fron municipality have been diagnosed with coronavirus. A total of 110 people live at the asylum reception center.

“It is a demanding situation. We have crisis staff in place, and we are following the situation closely.

“At the same time, we have a regular dialogue with the UDI and FHI,” said mayor Rune Støstad in Nord-Fron in a press release.

First case reported Wednesday

A case related to the reception was first reported on Wednesday.

“When the infection first enters a place where people live close to each other, for example in a reception center, I am not surprised that the infection spreads to so many people.

– The number of infected is high, but even though the situation is demanding, we currently have control over the transmission routes, Anders Brabrand noted.

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