Norway registers large delays in criminal cases due to the pandemic

The corona pandemic has led to a large backlog in the handling of criminal cases across the country.

When the country closed in March, thousands of planned criminal cases were postponed.

Many of them had already been waiting for treatment for a long time, according to Norsk Kringkasting (NRK).

In the Western Police District, management chose to contact a former employee. She has been allowed to work as a substitute lawyer in Bergen District Court until February.

Høgheim is clear that postponing criminal cases has several unfortunate consequences.

“Glad to be able to help”

“It can be a great burden for both the aggrieved and the accused who are waiting for a decision in the case. I’m happy to be able to help with that, ”she said.

Figures from the Court Administration show that there were 3920 ordinary criminal cases in Norway that were not processed at the end of October.

At the same time, the courts closed 3,978 cases in the period 1 August to 31 October.

The high number is due to fewer cases and the fact that many judges have been employed in temporary positions this autumn.

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