Norwegian cozy wins over coffee-loving Croats

Norwegian cozy, or in short cozy, for Scandinavians and other cozy people, often means enjoying crackling fireplaces, sipping hot chocolate with a movie, and sometimes just spending time with loved ones, anywhere.

From coffee culture and leisurely walks along the beach, to spending hours with friends playing and doing nature activities, cozy is also important in Croatian culture – whether Croats call it or not.

Here are some of the activities that attract even the most sun-loving travelers from the Adriatic to Norway and its kos; as reported by Time Out Croatia.

Marvel during a scenic trip on the Flåm line

Croatia is accustomed to natural beauty, from Plitvice National Park to the pristine Pelješac Peninsula; and really everything in between.

The Flam railway is thus the ideal activity for Croatian travelers. Also known as Flamsbana, this railway is one of the world’s best train journeys.

During the train ride, cozy Applicants can take in many mountain slopes, towering waterfalls and gaping valleys. Bonus points in those sipping a cup of hot coffee or hot tea, bring a blanket and just enjoy kos.

Taste waffles á la Norge

It is well known that Croats love their coffee, which is often paired with a freshly baked item, either homemade or sourced from a neighborhood bakery.

Norwegians also love their baked goods – especially when they are paired with a cup of coffee and a friend.

Waffles are found all over the country, from restaurants to private homes. To do things even more kos, waffles are most often served heart-shaped in Norway.

Rocker at the OverOslo Music Festival

What better way to spend time with loved ones and invoke cozy than with phenomenal music?

OverOslo Music Festival is one of Norway’s largest music festivals, with concerts showing Norwegian and international pop, rock, hip hop and electronics.

The festival takes place on Oslo’s Grefsenkollen plateau, which offers a beautiful view of the city skyline, sneaky adjacent fjord and green forests that surround it all.

Experience Norwegian coffee culture

Both Norwegians and Croats take their coffee seriously … Very seriously!

Drinking in the Mediterranean or the North Sea makes no difference – these two cultures enjoy coffee all day, every day (basically).

In both Norway’s and Croatia’s larger cities, you will find a coffee shop (or two) on almost every corner.

Norway’s unique coffee culture, paired with cozy-inducing winter landscapes or a cold breeze, is just the right mix for coffee-loving Croats who want to experience something new.

Chasing the elusive northern lights

Here is another nature activity that the inhabitants of the Adriatic go to Norway for – one they could never experience so far south.

Norway is one of the best countries in the world to see the northern lights.

From Central Norway and upwards (for the most adventurous souls, perhaps Svalbard is an alternative), the northern lights regularly adorn the country’s night sky.

What’s your favourite cozy experience? Let us know in the comments?

Source: Norway Today

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