Top 9 Week Stories: Your Saturday morning coffee briefing on November 21st

In case you missed it: Get your weekly news with the top 9 Norway Today stories this week.

Here is your weekly briefing on Saturday morning.

1. Norway named the second best country in the world to start a family

Families planning to relocate, this article is for you. Family research blog Asher & Lyric a ranked Norway as No. 2 in 2020 Raising a family index. Out of 35 ranked Organization for financial cooperation and development (OECD) countries were the top five: Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Luxembourg.

2. Did the US spy on Norway?

Danmarks Radio (DR) reported that the United States’ National Security Agency allegedly spied on in Norway and Denmark. Goals for espionage may have been goals may have been Ministry of Foreign Affairs, den Ministry of Finance in Norwayand Danish technology company Terma.

3. Completely unique Norwegian customs

Norway has traditional, quirky and cool customs. This is a guide to 13 of them, their stories, and how to navigate them if you are not Norwegian – or even if you are.

4. Scientist is betting 1 billion kroner on the fact that the world’s first 200-year-old person has already been born

Professor Stuart Kim of Stanford University believe that people who are already living today will live to be 200. According to the professor, the average life expectancy increases by around 2.5 years every decade. He is so confident in this that he is investing (with a group of researchers) the equivalent of a billion kroner in it!

5. Experts talk about house prices in Norway for 2021

Experts provide insight into Norway’s housing prices in 2020 – plus they share estimates of what prices may look like in 2021.

6. Norway’s Minister of Health hopes people will be able to go home for Christmas

Minister of Health Bent Høie (H) said that he hopes that new COVID-19 security measures will not prevent people from celebrating Christmas with their loved ones. However, the Minister emphasized that there are no guarantees for the situation.

7. Norway expelled five strawberry pickers from Romania

Police claimed that the deportation took place mainly for coronavirus security-related reasons. However, operations manager Kjetil Kaalaas in Nordland police district also said in a statement to NTB: “As far as we know, the season for strawberry picking is over.”

8. A guide to the health service’s rights for foreigners in Norway

Whether you are curious about the health care for foreigners all over the world, are interested in traveling to Norway and wondering what you have, or maybe even considering moving to Norway – this guide will give you the most important details about health rights for foreigners in Norway .

9. The man robs the Narvesen kiosk in central Oslo

Police were looking for an individual perpetrator after a knife robbery on one Narvesen kiosk in Bjørvika in Oslo. The robber, believed to be in his early 20s, fled with an unknown amount of cash.

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