Commentator: Støjberg exhibits poor communication in V-top

Both in the Liberal Party and in other parties, it has aroused indignation that the Liberal Party’s deputy chairman, Inger Støjberg, said in a speech on Saturday that “the swamp must be drained”.

The statement also looks like poor communication between her and Liberal Party chairman Jakob Ellemann-Jensen. That is the assessment of political commentator Jarl Cordua.

The statement from Inger Støjberg came on Saturday in connection with a speech during a demonstration in Aarhus, where several hundred farmers expressed frustration over, among other things, the government’s handling of the mink case.

– We must have drained the swamp filled with Mette Frederiksen’s arrogance of power, it sounded from Inger Støjberg.

Even before Saturday’s statement, there has been speculation as to whether there may be a showdown in power at the top of the Liberal Party.

Jakob Ellemann-Jensen told TV2 on Sunday that he had not heard Inger Støjberg’s statement. But he says that if the comment can be equated with what Donald Trump has said before, then he distances himself from it.

– I can refer to the fact that when the soon-to-be former president said that the swamp should be drained, it was a reference to the establishment (elite, ed.) In Washington and a reference to the entire state administration.

– I can assure you, this is not the Liberal Party’s policy. The government needs to be replaced. We are fine with the state administration, says the Liberal chairman to TV2.

According to commentator Jarl Cordua, the case is first and foremost an expression of shortcomings in the Liberal Party’s communication. Especially because the opposition party right now is standing with perhaps the best case for a very long time because of the government’s mink case.

– And then the deputy chairman goes out and says things that can be interpreted in a direction that at least the Liberal Party chairman does not agree with.

– It is for me to see not very gifted political communication, says Cordua.

According to Troels Mylenberg, political commentator at TV2, the latest case does not exactly put a lid on speculation.

On the contrary, one can say that the showdown is taking shape, he tells the TV station.

If a showdown ends, Jarl Cordua sees only one scenario: that Jakob Ellemann-Jensen resigns and Inger Støjberg becomes chairman.

– There will be no discussion that Inger Støjberg, for example, will be removed as deputy chairman. It will not happen.

– It is a position that she has fought for, and Jakob Ellemann has acknowledged that he is so weak that he will not be able to remove her, says Jarl Cordua.

According to him, there is a general recognition in the Liberal Party that you have to live with Inger Støjberg saying what she wants. Even though it is sometimes miles away from what the chairman thinks.

– It is probably not the luckiest if you want to be a large and strong opposition party that aspires to the post of prime minister.

– But these are the conditions that came with it, when Inger Støjberg was elected deputy chairman of the Liberal Party, says Jarl Cordua.

On Sunday, Ritzau tried in vain to get a comment from both Inger Støjberg and Jakob Ellemann-Jensen.

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