Judges reject Trump’s lawsuit in Pennsylvania

In the United States, a federal judge has now forcefully dismissed President Trump’s attempt to stop the approval of the election result in Pennsylvania, one of the most successful states where Joe Biden received the most votes. The announcement is another setback for Trump in the fight to have Biden’s election victory annulled.

During a high-profile press conference on Thursday full of wild accusations, President Trump’s lawyer Rudy Guiliani said the Democrats are behind widespread electoral fraud in several states.

But in another setback for the president was rejected last night, Swedish time, an attempt in court to stop the formal approval of the key state of Pennsylvania’s election results, which currently shows that Joe Biden won over Trump with around 80,000 votes.

The Trump campaign, led by Guliani, claims in the lawsuit that Republican voters were illegally disadvantaged by not being allowed to correct information in their ballot papers when other voters got it in more democratic areas.

But the federal judge who now rejects the lawsuit goes hard on Trump’s representatives and writes that they have come up with unfounded legal arguments, that they have tried to patch up theories like Frankenstein’s Monster to support their accusations and that the American people, US laws and institutions demand more. Rudy Giliuania and Trump’s other legal team announced shortly afterwards that they would appeal the decision.

One of the Trump campaign’s overall strategies to have Joe Biden’s election victory annulled is precisely to stop the formal approval of the votes in key waveguide states.

In Georgia, where Biden won with just around 12,000 votes, the President is now requesting another recalculation after the result was officially certified on Friday. And tomorrow, Monday, is the deadline for approving the result in Michigan, where the Republican president, who supports Trump, in a letter yesterday called on those responsible to postpone certification.

At the same time, one of the highest-ranking Republicans in the House of Representatives, Liz Cheney, now says that President Trump should respect the election process. Something that made Trump strike back on Twitter and once again claim that hundreds of thousands of votes are invalid.

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